Max Greeley

122 Trout Brook Road, Roulette, PA 16746

Phone: 814-544-7112  Cell: 814-558-8180 mgreeley3@hotmail.com

Located in Potter County, PA,
near the headwaters of the Allegheny River. The North Central region of Pennsylvania is known
as the home of some of the finest hardwoods in the world.
When I started a specialty lumber company in 1994,
knowing after 10 years in the logging business that many
beautiful logs were not being utilized to their greatest potential.
I search the area for large and or figured logs,primarily in
cherry, walnut and maple.
These logs are cut on a custom built bandsaw and kiln dried with care. 
We have the capacity to saw over forty four inches wide leaving the natural edge on for large tables and bar tops.
We ship to all of the lower forty eight states. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Rawood *Specialty Lumber * 122 Trout Brook Road * Roulette * PA * 16746 Phone: (814) 544-7112 Cell: (814) 558-8180